Friday, October 26, 2012

What is impulse response?

Hello, this is me again :)

Let's talk about impulse responses (IR). But I'll give little interlude.

Guitar stack is created with two parts: an amplifier and cabinet speaker. Amplifier creates sound (and creates distortion). But it's not this distortion what we hear. Raw sound contains a lot of hiss above 5-6 khz. Then goes speaker cabinet. It is special guitar speaker, which pulls off bad high frequences.

Let's create virtual stack. Here's an example:

I reviewed these plugins in this article. And it sounds like this:

As we can hear it sounds ok. But let's turn impulse cabinet off and listen:

Sounds bad. A lot of bad high frequences make a huge hiss.
But what about EQ snapshots?
Cabinet is enabled.
Cabinet is disabled.

Cabinet impulse response is short *.wav file which has frequency characeristics of cabinet sound. And IR plugin just analyze impulse file and substrack concrete frequences from signal. And we hear good tone as output signal.


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