Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guitar to Skype

Hello! I often notice that people want to transfer their guitar sound from Guitar Rig, Amplitube e.t.c to Skype. So, here's solution!

1) Make sure you using ASIO driver.
2) Download trial version of Virtual Audio Cable or find freeware alternative.
3) Install it properly.

4) Open your guitar amp and go to ASIO preferences (Green logo in right bottom corner). You will see new WDM Device: 
 5) I will use Guitar Rig interface: go to File-Audio and Midi Settings-Routing-Outputs. It looks like this:
HD Audio output 3 is mono output (Left and Right becomes mono). Virtual Cable 1 1 - input (we'll use it in Skype)

6) Go to Skype-Tools-Options-Audio Settings-Microphone. Select "Virtual Cable 1".
Now we reached it! It's time to call your mates and rock online! :)


Hi,when i change my output to HD Audio output 3,my guitar has no sound(although the in and out levels are showing that it captures the sound).Also,when i try to call someone with these settings,it shoots out a "problem with the playback device".

Any advice?Thanks!

Try to check if your HD Output 3 is being used by another applications.

I will try to make a new article for Windows 7/8 users (Operating systems that is younger than WinXP have different audio routing system so there you can not launch DirectSound and ASIO at the same time, for example listening to Media Player and playing guitar)

Feel free to ask more :)

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I often notice that people want to transfer their guitar sound from ...

i dont get it i still dont have any sound

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