Monday, October 1, 2012

How to connect guitar/bass to computer?

Hello, dear subscriber.

This article is about very popular problem of guitars and computer "friendship". It is easy, just read the following instructions:

1) It's good if u have dedicated audiointerface or professional soundcard. If you don't then you just plug your guitar to Line Input (often blue channel) of your integrated soundcard.
2) Make sure that guitar knobs are 100% turned on (max volume).
3) It's time to kill the latency. - go to this site and download the latest version of ASIO driver. Obviously, install it.
4) Go to your amp modelling program or DAW. In settings (I'm gonna show you using ReValver) make sure that you've selected ASIO inputs and outputs:

All important windows and sliders are marked with red colour. In Audio Devices window you should selsect ASIO v2 (or ASIO). Then press "control panel" button and this window will appear (on the top of the screen). Number 1 - channels in use. It's OK when they're all blue. If there's red "X" then check out your system if it use these inputs or outputs, for example Windows Media or Midi Table (often you can use different programs and ASIO at the same time. But in Vista and 7 you can't :| ). There is slider that controls latency. Start from lowest value and then just move it right and follow that moment whet this cracky sound disappear. Leave it as is.

And finaly. Close all setup windows when everything is done. Have phun playing your favourite riffs!



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