Friday, October 5, 2012

How to remove hiss (bad HF) after software amp simulator?

Hello everyone, this is me again.

In my last post I promised to make hiss removing tutorial. So check this out :)

Few words about amp. For this topic I used Revalver Peavey MK III amp software, Flathill amp (Mesa Boggie Emulation).

Let,s listen to our sound:

Here is a bit of hiss in high frequences range. Now wo gonna remove it.

  1. Select band with small Q (0,15-0.30 oct) in high frequences.
  2. Gain it a lot (5-7 dB)
  3. Move band from about 5k to 12k. Remember the frequency where hiss gets louder.
  4. Return to remembered frequency and decrease volume of our frequency very much. Finally it will be similar to this picture:


Now let's listen to new sound:

Sometimes it's hard to hear this noise. But it makes ears tired faster.
Be careful, don't cut good characteristic frequences of hi-gain guitar.


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